Experienced Empathy Buddhist funeral service will provide you and your family absolute peace of mind

Our team has helped more than 300 families send off their loved ones in the past year alone. We’ve received numerous praises for how we meticulously managed each event with a compassionate touch.

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Focus your time on recalling precious memories with your family

When you send your loved one off, you’ll want to ensure that the Buddhist funeral ritual conducted for the deceased reflects the belief in karma and reincarnation. You’ll want the stress of coordinating with other family members, staying organised, and making clear-headed decisions while grieving to be minimised.

Empathy Funeral Service fully understands your needs. This is why our Buddhist funeral service and package provide a solemn yet heartfelt last rite and take care of every little thing.

Complete Buddhist funeral service and package for last rites

When you choose Empathy Funeral Service, you’ll get ready guidance from our funeral director and constant support from our on-site crew. Highly experienced Buddhist monks will perform rites for your loved ones.

Because our team is in-house and many of the items in our Buddhist funeral package are self-owned, we enjoy cost advantages that translate into price benefits for you.

Affordable Buddhist Funeral Package – 3 Days
(HDB Void Deck)

$4,988 only

Buddhist funeral package details

Funeral wake setup

1) Tentage service
– 16 ft by 16 ft tentage
– 15 square tables
– 10 round tables
– Fans & general lighting

2) Memorial hall setup
– Buddhist funeral setup
– Photo enlargement
– Floral frame
– 4 table floral

3) Funeral essential products
– Pillow & pearl
– Buddhist Sutra blanket
– Condolence book
– Donation safe box
– Ceremonial items

Embalming & casket services

4) Transfer to our care service 24/7

5) Embalming & makeup

6) Booking of cremation

7) Half-glass cremation casket

Funeral ceremonial services

8) Dedicated funeral director
– Daily on-site attendance

9) Experienced undertaker team
– Encoffining service
– Pall-bearers (full suit)
– Ceremonial staff
– Funeral day emcee

10) Funeral send-off
– Glass hearse (1-way)
– 45 seat aircon bus (2-way)
– Floral water setup
– Guest appreciation gifts

Enlightenment ceremony

11) 5 monk chanting service

12) Vegetarian food & fruits (supplied with chanting services)

Funeral parlour charges

1) Sin Ming Funeral Parlour
– $5,288, add days $550

2) Remembrance Hall
– $6,188, add days $850

3) Singapore Funeral Parlour
– $8,788, add days $1,820

Premium packages are also available. Find out more, call 6850 5023.

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Empathy Buddhist funeral ritual
Empathy funeral service company staff putting on xiao for client
Empathy Buddhist funeral service team setting up altar

Thank you Eugene and your team for doing what you do, I am beyond touched and satisfied with the service, patience and professionalism throughout the entire 3 days process. Everything was so well taken care of, even the after service where we want to check in on the ritual.

I was impressed and didn’t think that it was necessary to have professional photos taken until Eugene forward those precious photos. You know, sometimes little things go a long way.

I am happy that I’ve engaged you guys to send my mom off on her last journey and that’s the right choice.

Kai Ni

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Why do families entrust their deceased loved one to Empathy Funeral Service?


Our undertakers are familiar with Buddhist funeral rites, and they can guide you and your family through the entire process. Monks in charge of the funeral ritual will help ease the deceased’s path towards the afterlife, ready for the next regeneration cycle.

In-house team

Our in-house team will coordinate all funeral set-ups pre, during, and after the funeral. We’ll provide all necessary equipment and funeral items. That way, you can be assured our Buddhist funeral packages provide tremendous value for your money!

Post-funeral services

Our post-funeral services include arranging ancestral tablet placement and services during the 49 days post-funeral. After the 49 days of prayers, we’ll arrange to transport the ancestral tablet and install it at the permanent resting place at home or temple.

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Get free advice from our experienced funeral director… who is available all day, every day!

Empathy Funeral Service provides you with the space and time to grieve.

Choose the one-stop Buddhist funeral service that will help with all necessary arrangements so you can concentrate on what matters most during these times.

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