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Our funeral company helps families cope with bereavement throughout the entire funeral process and beyond.

Empathy Funeral Service (Singapore) offers a one-stop funeral and post-funeral resource that takes the stress out of the practicalities and allows you to focus on paying your last respects to your loved one in the way would have wished.

Our mission and standards

Empathy strives to establish and maintain a bond of trust with our customers – particularly important as we continue to deliver post-funeral services for up to 3 years.

We’ve made it our mission to provide affordable, professional funeral services for religious and non-religious deceased. Our services are:

  • Honest, dependable, and respectful.
  • Customer focused and value driven.
  • Highly customised.

We also specialise in innovative, personalised funeral solutions, with new ideas to help families say farewell to their loved one in different ways.

Eugene and his team are very professional and assisted us with all aspects of the funeral proceeding down to the smallest details.

As it is a difficult time for my family, all the help and advice provided by Eugene and his team is greatly appreciated by us.

Li Weiming

Why choose Empathy Funeral Service

Families choose our funeral services because we provide affordability combined with quality.

We organise all aspects of the funeral in-house, which means our streamlined funeral packages are competitively priced.

As well as eliminating the extra cost of middle men, this gives you a high-quality funeral service directly supervised by our own experienced undertakers.

Our one-stop funeral resource includes funeral pre-planning and funeral set-up coordination with organisation of hearse, funeral cortege, and casket services.

While creation is commonplace in Singapore, we can also arrange burials.

Post-funeral services

Many funeral directors consider their job completed as soon as the funeral is over, but Empathy will continue to be there for you as you go through the different stages of grief.

Our post-funeral services include:

  • Sourcing temples for Taoist and Buddhist post-funeral rituals.
  • Organising Christian memorial services.
  • Sea burial after cremation.

Funeral directors who take good care of you and your loved one

Our Singapore undertakers provide compassion for the bereaved and dignity for the departed.

Empathy will hold your hand every step of the way during the funeral process, with your own dedicated undertaker to ensure all the funeral arrangements run smoothly in a dignified manner.

As experienced, compassionate funeral directors, we can help families deal with the various emotional issues that typically arise immediately after a death and leave relatives in a state of shock.

Easing the burden

A death in the family typically results in multiple admin issues requiring your immediate attention – not least dealing with financial and legal matters.

By taking care of all the funeral arrangements, Empathy can give your family some space to deal with these issues as you try to come to terms with your loss.

Respecting the deceased

We make sure your loved one gets the utmost respect and care in accordance with their and your wishes.

Our services for the deceased include:

  • Embalming
  • Cosmetising
  • Dressing
  • Encoffining
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