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Empathy Funeral Service (Singapore) is led by respected local undertaker Eugene Tan, whose personal experience of funerals of people close to him led to a mission to ease the pain of families as they help their loved one into the next life.

Empathy accomplishes this aim with meticulously planned funeral services and packages that deal with all the pragmatic considerations of funeral organisation while leaving those left behind free to focus on honouring the departed and reflect on the legacy of their life.

Affordable, quality services

Families who engage our funeral company quickly discover 2 key advantages:

  • Affordability
  • Quality service

We can offer competitive pricing because our funeral services are provided entirely in-house, which cuts out 3rd parties and the associated extra costs.

Avoiding outsourcing any aspect of the funeral arrangement process also allows us to provide the highest standards of service – we can maintain rigorous quality control throughout.

Empathy Funeral Service is serious about transparent pricing; this is why we’re featured on

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Beneath the bespectacled and young appearance is a professional far beyond his years.

Funeral ritual is one that you don’t want to be familiar with (unless you’re an undertaker), hence, we were at a total loss when our Dad passed on.

Eugene and his team at Empathy Funeral Service accompanied us throughout our Dad’s last journey, with so much professionalism, sensitivity, and patience.

Though funeral service is a service one wouldn’t recommend (funeral = death), I would implore you to give Eugene and his team a call.

Thank you, Eugene and team at Empathy Funeral Service!


Our funeral services and packages

Empathy offers a customised, one-stop funeral solution with comprehensive, compassionate funeral services, including:

  • Funeral pre-planning – preparation before death.
  • Funeral set-up organisation, including HDB void deck funerals.
  • Provision of funeral supplies including urns and caskets.
  • Engaging monks or priests.

Buddhist and Taoist funeral services

Empathy specialises in organising funerals in Singapore’s Buddhist and Taoist communities.

We understand the importance of karma, ancestral piety and reincarnation and have deep insight into Buddhist and Taoist funeral ritual and customs to help the soul of the departed travel from this world into the next phase.

We personalise our Buddhist funeral services and packages by making sure we understand the precise wishes of the family and any instructions left by the deceased.

We customise our Taoist funeral service to meet the requirements of your particular Chinese dialect group.

Nevertheless, we offer Christian and non-religious funeral services.

Post-funeral services

Unlike many other undertakers, Empathy looks after the deceased and their families after the funeral.

Our post-funeral services include:

  • Sea burials
  • Ancestral tablet moving ceremonies
  • Columbarium prayers
  • Gong Teck rites
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