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Catholic funeral service and packages provided by Empathy Funeral Service (Singapore) help to ensure Catholic funerals adhere to the rites and doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Funeral Mass will be conducted by a qualified, ordained Catholic priest, and we’ll work closely with them to make sure all aspects of the funeral are carried out in a dignified, solemn manner.

We understand that Catholic funerals typically place more emphasis on ritual than other Christian funeral services, and we have the experience to make sure Catholic funerals run accordingly.

The Empathy Catholic funeral service

Our Catholic funeral services help family and friends along each step of the funeral process – before, during and after the funeral.

For instance, we take care of the organisation of wakes, the funeral service itself, burial or cremation, and post-funeral memorial gatherings.

$4,588 only

Other quality packages are also available. Download brochure here.

Tentage service

  • 16ft by 16ft tentage
  • 15 square tables
  • 10 round tables
  • Fans and general lighting

Funeral hall setup

  • Photo enlargement
  • Floral frame
  • 4 table floral

Funeral essential products

  • Mobile toilet
  • Condolence book
  • Donation safe box

Transfer to our care service 24/7

Embalming and makeup

Booking of cremation

Half-glass wood casket

Dedicated funeral director

  • Daily on-site attendance

Experience undertaker team

  • Encoffining service
  • Pall bearers (full suit)
  • Ceremonial staff

Funeral send-off

  • Glass hearse (1-way)
  • 45 seater aircon bus (2-way)

Value added services

  • First day and last day photo collage
  • Coffee machine rental (first load free-of-charge)

Funeral parlour charges

  • Sin Ming Funeral Parlour – $4,888, add days $550
  • Remembrance Hall – $5,788, add days $850
  • Singapore Funeral Parlour – $7,388, add days $1,820

Additional packages are available. Call +65 6850 5023 to find out more.

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Eugene and his dedicated team managed my dad’s funeral with commendable sensitivity and efficiency.

Professional and tactful, Empathy Funeral Service made the final moments of my dad’s departure a smooth and memorable process.

Thank you!

Linda Kwek

Why choose Empathy Catholic funeral services

Catholics in Singapore turn to Empathy Funeral Service because we offer quality funeral services and packages with high levels of affordability.

Our extensive Catholic funeral services are all provided in-house. This avoids the extra costs of middle men and enables us to maintain exacting standards of quality control over a funeral package streamlined for your convenience.

We guide Catholic families through the whole funeral process in a compassionate manner and with the utmost respect and sincerity.

Benefits of our Catholic funeral services

Bereaved Catholic families benefit from our extensive knowledge of and experience in organising Catholic funerals.

For example, we realise a Catholic funeral is based on belief in everlasting life after resurrection of the body.

Therefore, our Catholic funeral services are geared towards helping in the return of the soul of the departed to God through prayer – rather than a celebration of past life.

The way we shoulder the responsibility of the practicalities of the funeral organisation allows family and friends the time they need to pray for the deceased and console one another in their loss.

Cremation and post-funeral support

A further benefit of our Catholic funeral service is that we’re experienced in handling cremation for Catholic funerals in Singapore – a process that more traditional Catholics may not be familiar with because the Vatican banned the practice until relatively recently.

Our funeral directors also provide value-added services difficult to find from other undertakers – including post-funeral support.

We empathise with the ordeal you and your family are going through. Thus, we will help ease your burden by providing impeccable funeral services.

Empathy Catholic funeral packages

Our comprehensive Catholic funeral packages include:

  • Embalming, dressing and cosmetics.
  • Casketing.
  • Wake and vigil services.
  • Pallbearer service.
  • Funeral set-up.
  • Internment – burial or cremation.
  • Collection of ashes.
  • Organisation of post-funeral memorial services.

Your own dedicated funeral consultant will always be on site to help you throughout the entire funeral process.

Catholic funeral ritual

Catholic funeral rites

Many Catholic funeral rites are unique and centre on the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass –the key ritual of the Roman Catholic Church, when bread and wine become the Holy Eucharist – the body and blood of Christ.

This extends far beyond symbolism. Catholics believe that when they take Holy Communion – consuming consecrated bread and wine – Christ literally becomes part of them.

Several other funeral rites precede or follow the Requiem Mass and Holy Communion.

Pre-Mass rites

Rituals at a Catholic funeral service that take place before the Mass include:

  • An introductory rite – the priest greeting the congregation.
  • Ceremonial procession of the coffin to the altar, with sprinkling of holy water.
  • Opening hymns and prayers.
  • Bible readings.

Post-Mass rites

Funeral rites following the Mass include:

  • Further prayers.
  • Exiting of the coffin.
  • The Rite of Committal – the final stage of the Catholic funeral when the priest formally commits the body to the earth.

After the funeral

Catholics often hold a Month’s Mind Mass – a memorial service for the deceased a month after death.

Further masses for the departed may also take place on their birthday or on the anniversary of their death.

Advice for non-Catholics attending a Catholic funeral

The atmosphere of a Catholic funeral is extremely pious, grounded in centuries-old tradition and ritual. Non-Catholics attending a Catholic funeral for the first time are often struck by the solemn splendour of the occasion.

Attendees are expected to wear black or other dark-coloured clothing. Men don’t wear a hat in church, and women are no longer required to wear a head covering.

Unlike other Christian funerals, there tends to be no eulogy at a Catholic funeral service. However, as a family friend you may get the opportunity to talk about the departed at the wake or vigil service before the funeral or at the funeral reception following the service.

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