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We offer non-religious or freethinker funeral service and packages with the same benefits of the affordable, quality service that’s the hallmark of our religious funerals.

Empathy Funeral Service (Singapore) ensures non-religious and freethinker funerals fully comply with the specific wishes of the family and/or departed.

$4,588 only

Other quality packages are also available. Download brochure here.

Tentage service

  • 16ft by 16ft tentage
  • 15 square tables
  • 10 round tables
  • Fans and general lighting

Funeral hall setup

  • Photo enlargement
  • Floral frame
  • 4 table floral

Funeral essential products

  • Mobile toilet
  • Condolence book
  • Donation safe box

Transfer to our care service 24/7

Embalming and makeup

Booking of cremation

Half-glass wood casket

Dedicated funeral director

  • Daily on-site attendance

Experience undertaker team

  • Encoffining service
  • Pall bearers (full suit)
  • Ceremonial staff

Funeral send-off

  • Glass hearse (1-way)
  • 45 seater aircon bus (2-way)

Value added services

  • First day and last day photo collage
  • Coffee machine rental (first load free-of-charge)

Funeral parlour charges

  • Sin Ming Funeral Parlour – $4,888, add days $550
  • Remembrance Hall – $5,788, add days $850
  • Singapore Funeral Parlour – $7,388, add days $1,820

Additional packages are available. Call +65 6850 5023 to find out more.

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Very good service, one stop service, won’t get lost.

Call them, they will guide you along, with the cheapest, but best of service.

Well done, keep it up!

Thank you!

Rayne Lee Rui Jin

The Empathy freethinker and non-religious funeral service

Similar to our funeral service and packages that cater for religious families, our non-religious and freethinker funeral organisation covers all aspects of the funeral, from casket and hearse to funeral supplies such as refreshments.

We specialise in customising our non-religious or freethinker funeral services to match the individual personality of your loved one.

As well as non-religious and freethinker funeral services, we also organise funerals for religions with a strong folk culture, including Buddhist funeral services and Taoist funeral services.

Why choose our non-religious or freethinker funeral service

Empathy’s non-religious and freethinker funeral resource includes value-added services other funeral directors may be unable to offer – such as sea burial. This spares you the inconvenience and extra cost of having to look elsewhere.

Another reason families of deceased freethinkers and other non-believers choose our funeral services is that we provide a one-stop funeral package that:

  • Cuts costs by eliminating middle men.
  • Allows us to maintain a high-quality service throughout the whole funeral process.

Benefits of our freethinker and non-religious funeral packages

We focus our non-religious and freethinker funeral packages on helping to celebrate the life and legacy of your loved one.

We respect the departed’s individual perspective and viewpoint with the same sincerity as with a faith-based funeral but none of the religious connotations.

The absence of formalised rituals and rites of a religious funeral gives families far greater freedom in how they choose to pay their last respects to the deceased, and Empathy can tailor the funeral to any format you desire.

We empathise with the ordeal you and your family are going through. Thus, we will help ease your burden by providing impeccable funeral services.

What our non-religious/freethinker funeral service covers

When organising a freethinker or non-religious funeral, we always consider factors such as the deceased’s lifestyle and the wishes of the family across all aspects of the funeral.

Our non-religious/freethinker funeral services are supervised throughout by your own on-site funeral consultant and include:

  • Embalming and casketing.
  • Transport arrangements, including provision of hearse.
  • Finding an experienced celebrant to oversee the funeral service.
  • Wake organisation.
  • Burial, sea burial or cremation service.
  • Pallbearing team.
  • Collection of ashes.
  • Full tentage and funeral backdrop set-up.
  • Sourcing funeral supplies.
  • Catering and photography and video services as optional extras.
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