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Taoist funeral service and packages provided by Empathy Funeral Service (Singapore) adhere to the fundamental beliefs of the ancient religion to help the soul of the deceased on its ongoing journey along The Way.

We specialise in tailoring Taoist funerals to the needs of specific Chinese dialect groups as we help families through the anguish of bereavement.

What we do

We offer a one-stop Taoist funeral resource, from casketing to cremation or burial, plus post funeral services.

Our Taoist funeral services include:

  • Embalming.
  • Encoffining.
  • Pallbearer services.
  • Funeral set-up including furniture and lighting.
  • Ash collection.

$7,588 only

Other quality packages are also available. Download brochure here.

Tentage service

  • 16ft by 16ft tentage
  • 15 square tables
  • 10 round tables
  • Fans and general lighting

Funeral hall setup

  • Photo enlargement
  • Floral frame
  • 2 table floral

Funeral essential products

  • Mobile toilet
  • Pillow and pearl
  • Condolence book
  • Donation safe box

Transfer to our care service 24/7

Embalming and makeup

Booking of cremation

Half-glass wood casket

Dedicated funeral director

  • Daily on-site attendance

Experience undertaker team

  • Encoffining service
  • Pall bearers (full suit)
  • Ceremonial staff

Funeral send-off

  • Glass hearse (1-way)
  • 45 seater aircon bus (2-way)
  • Floral water setup

Priest chanting service

  • Encoffining, last night, funeral, cremation, and tablet installation

Paper house and paper products

  • 6ft paper house, gold and silver mountains
  • Paper maids and metal burning cage

Value added services

  • First day and last day photo collage
  • Coffee machine rental (first load free-of-charge)

Funeral parlour charges

  • Sin Ming Funeral Parlour – $7,888, add days $550
  • Remembrance Hall – $8,788, add days $850
  • Singapore Funeral Parlour – $10,388, add days $1,820

Items not included:

  • Ceremonial items and funeral attire
  • Food offerings and joss paper offerings

Additional packages are available. Call +65 6850 5023 to find out more.

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Empathy Taoist funeral service being rendered
Empathy Taoist funeral team preparing ceremonial items

Very professional team of people providing a one stop funeral services.

Like most of the younger generations, I am not familiar with the all the procedures and practices. However, with the help from Empathy Funeral Service, everything was well taken care of.

Everyone in the team is helpful and compassionate. They really helped us a lot especially during the difficult times… specifically Eugene, the team leader and owner of company. We were impressed by his professionalism, attitude, knowledge, and experience, even at his young age.

Very honest and reasonable pricing too.

Lemon Choong

Why choose the Empathy Taoist funeral service

Empathy’s Taoist funeral service and packages are delivered by funeral directors with a deep insight into Taoist funeral ritual.

We go to great lengths to make sure your loved one gets a meaningful funeral that reflects Taoist philosophy, the natural order of the cosmos, and the joy of ongoing life after physical death.

Empathy will manage all aspects of organising the funeral, with a streamlined, one-stop Taoist funeral service.

This means we keep the whole funeral process in-house, which:

  • Allows us to exercise meticulous quality control right down to the tiniest detail of your loved one’s funeral.
  • Avoids the extra costs of third-party involvement.

As with all our funeral services and packages, you can rest assured that Empathy Funeral Service will organise the Taoist funeral of your loved one with highest levels of respect and sincerity.

Benefits of our Taoist funeral packages

We take care of everything you need after a death in the family, and in line with Taoist tradition, our funeral service concentrates on life rather than death. This includes blessings to protect the family as well as safeguard the spirit of the deceased through gaining merits.

Our funeral directors are experienced in Taoist funerals and can help your family through the emotional upheaval of your grief while ensuring the deceased benefits from the dignified funeral they would have wanted.

Our Taoist funeral packages deal with all the practicalities of funeral organisation to help ease your burden so you can focus on honouring your loved one as they journey along The Way into the afterlife.

And we can help if you’re unsure about the Taoist funeral customs of your particular dialect group.

Empathy Taoist funeral ritual

We empathise with the ordeal you and your family are going through. Thus, we will help ease your burden by providing impeccable funeral services.

Empathy Taoist funeral cortege

Full Taoist funeral service

We provide comprehensive Taoist funeral services, including:

  • Tentage.
  • Carpets and curtains.
  • Ceremonial altar to represent eternal life, with floral tributes and images of the departed.
  • Chanting and music.
  • Joss paper and paper replicas.
  • Funeral feast, with a seat reserved for the spirit of the deceased.

Our post-funeral services include processions to mark the 49th day after death, when the deceased will reincarnate.

Taoist funeral ritual

Taoist funeral rites

Many Taoist funeral rites entail:

  • A priest chanting scriptures as musicians play percussion and woodwind instruments.
  • Family and friends burning joss paper to free the departed spirit from the underworld.

Candles, lamps, rice, water and tea are also often used in Taoist funeral rituals, each with a symbolic purpose in helping the soul of the deceased.

We arrange for different Taoist funeral rites in Singapore to match the requirements of different dialect groups, including Teochew, Hokkien, and Zhao’an communities.

Hokkien funerals

As the departed is encoffined, Hokkien mourners perform a cleansing ritual involving “buying water” from the Earth Deity with joss paper and coins.

On the day of the funeral, a funeral oration is recited and family members make offerings as they’re called to the altar according to their relationship to the departed.

Teochew funerals

Before casketing, our funeral director will oversee the observance of Teochew funeral customs.

Crossing the Bridge is regarded as the most significant ritual of a Teochew funeral, in which a priest carries the departed’s Soul Lantern and leads the family across the bridge into the afterlife.

Zhao’an funerals

A combination of Teochew and Hokkien funeral rituals, Zhao’an funeral rites are rooted in customs originating from Zhao’an county in the Hokkien province of Fujian, close to the Teochew region of Chaozhou.

This often means organising Teochew and Hokkien priests to perform chanting ceremonies on different occasions.

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