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Buddhist funeral service and packages by Empathy Funeral Service (Singapore) provide the perfect, solemn setting to help the soul of your loved one on its journey into the next life.

We handle all aspects of Buddhist funerals with in-house services, which means we can offer:

  • Affordable pricing – avoiding middle-man costs.
  • Quality services – guiding mourners throughout the entire process.

Our complete Buddhist funeral package takes care of everything, from encoffining to cremation/burial and ancestral tablets.

$5,588 only

Other quality packages are also available. Download brochure here.

Tentage service

  • 16ft by 16ft tentage
  • 15 square tables
  • 10 round tables
  • Fans and general lighting

Funeral hall setup

  • Photo enlargement
  • Floral frame
  • 4 table floral

Funeral essential products

  • Mobile toilet
  • Pillow and pearl
  • Buddhist Sutra blanket
  • Condolence book
  • Donation safe box
  • Ceremonial items

Transfer to our care service 24/7

Embalming and makeup

Booking of cremation

Half-glass wood casket

Dedicated funeral director

  • Daily on-site attendance

Experience undertaker team

  • Encoffining service
  • Pall bearers (full suit)
  • Ceremonial staff

Funeral send-off

  • Glass hearse (1-way)
  • 45 seater aircon bus (2-way)
  • Floral water setup
  • Guest appreciation gifts

5 monk chanting service

  • Encoffining, last night, funeral, cremation, and tablet installation

Vegetarian food and fruits

  • Supplied with chanting services

Value added services

  • First day and last day photo collage
  • Coffee machine rental (first load free-of-charge)

Funeral parlour charges

  • Sin Ming Funeral Parlour – $5,888, add days $550
  • Remembrance Hall – $6,788, add days $850
  • Singapore Funeral Parlour – $8,388, add days $1,820

Additional packages are available. Call +65 6850 5023 to find out more.

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Empathy Buddhist funeral ritual

I thank Eugene and his team for doing what they did. I am beyond touched and satisfied with the service, patience, and professionalism throughout the entire 3-day process. Everything was so well taken care of, even the after service where we want to check in on the ritual.

I was impressed and didn’t think that it was a necessary to have professional photos taken until Eugene forward those precious photos to me. You know, sometimes little things go a long way.

I am happy that I’ve engaged you guys to send my mom off on her last journey, and that’s the right choice.

God bless.

Kai Ni

Why choose the Empathy Buddhist funeral service

The way we organise a Buddhist funeral reflects our deep understanding of beliefs in karma and reincarnation and the need to reinforce ancestral family piety.

The Empathy Buddhist funeral package ensures the whole process runs efficiently and in a solemn manner, with services provided at reasonable prices by undertakers experienced in Buddhist funerals.

All our funeral services and packages are based on our core principles of compassion, respect and reliability.

Buddhist funeral services that help you and your loved one

Our Buddhist funeral services in Singapore prioritise helping the soul of the deceased progress towards rebirth, and we listen carefully to family so we can act according to their wishes.

Empathy Funeral Service guides grieving relatives through the entire Buddhist funeral process – including organisation of post-funeral Buddhist memorial ceremonies – so they can console one another by reflecting on the inevitably of death.

Besides reducing costs, our one-stop Buddhist funeral resource lifts the organisational burden off families so they can focus on honouring their loved one and easing the deceased’s path into the next life.

Careful selection of monks

Chinese Buddhist funeral rituals typically continue over 49 days – the least time it takes for the consciousness to transition from this life to the next.

The first 7 days of the process are crucial, during which monks lead the chanting of sutras and prepare the soul for its new cycle of regeneration.

We select monks for funerals who’re experienced specialists in helping souls progress towards the afterlife.

Empathy Buddhist funeral ritual

We empathise with the ordeal you and your family are going through. Thus, we will help ease your burden by providing impeccable funeral services.

Empathy Buddhist funeral cortege

Our comprehensive Buddhist funeral packages

We handle all the Buddhist funeral necessities that arise immediately following a death in the family – taking care of arrangements for before, during and after the funeral.

Our Buddhist funeral package includes:

  • Encoffining or casketing.
  • Enlightenment ritual.
  • Funeral day arrangements.
  • Cremation or burial.
  • Placing ancestral tablet.
  • Collection of ashes (we can also organise burial at sea).

Our post-funeral services include ancestral tablet transportation and installation at a permanent location at home or in a temple.

Buddhist funeral ritual

Buddhist funeral rites

Rooted in folk religion, Buddhist funeral rites help to strengthen xiao (孝) – ancestral family piety – and emphasise the continuing nature of the relationship between the living and the departed.

Buddhist funeral ritual ceremonies typically include:

  • Chanting of the Heart Sutra during encoffining.
  • Enlightenment rituals in contemplation of the Pure Land and Amitabha Buddha.

Family participation in a Buddhist funeral

Buddhist families put filial piety into practice during Buddhist funeral rituals by ensuring solemnity and simplicity.

Mourners often:

  • Make offerings of flowers or food to their loved lone before the funeral day.
  • Join in with chanting processions led by monks.
  • Deliver eulogies.

What non-Buddhists need to know about Buddhist funerals

If you’re a non-Buddhist and wish to pay your last respects to a departed Buddhist friend, you may find the following advice helpful when attending a Buddhist funeral.

The first thing to bear in mind – especially for Christians – is that white (not black) symbolises Buddhist grief, so:

  • Wear white clothes for the funeral (any head covering should be taken off for sermons and prayers).
  • Send white flowers to the family.

Buddhist funeral etiquette

Important points to bear in mind regarding Buddhist funeral etiquette include:

  • You can sit silently during chanting, if you wish.
  • If you want to join in the chanting, you should stand when the monks do.
  • Charitable donations are permitted.

If you wish to approach the casket, you should do so with a slight bow and your hands folded in a prayer position.

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